BKA Crookfur at the Kingston Dojo

BKA Crookfur at the Kingston Dojo

BKA Crookfur karate reopens at the Kingston Dojo Glasgow on the 13th September 2020.

Sensei Ramsay opens the Kingston Dojo in Kinning Park Glasgow.

I am delighted and very fortunate to have secured the fantastic facility at Kingston. This is a massive space and is fully compliant to current COVID Government guidelines with all risk assessments in place and  3 of the Crookfur instructors are now trained via SportsScotland as COVID Officers.

We are holding 2 sessions on a Sunday morning for the Black Belts and even with the warehouse sized facility class numbers are limited to 20 invited students per session. Life in the new Dojo is a bit different from before and I have planned a ‘soft start’ session of stretching, basics, kata , speed training and fitness and a cool down. The sessions are designed to engage with students and provide a safe programme to get back to fitness and flexibility and redevelop kata Knowledge by the Christmas break.

We do not know if future restrictions will be imposed, but for now we will continue to pursue good health and well-being through our karate training sessions.

Be great!

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