Provost of East Renfrewshire visits Bushido 100 Club

Provost of East Renfrewshire visits Bushido 100 Club

Our karate club based in Clarkston Glasgow, has been recognised in the House of Commons for its charity fund-raising efforts.

The Bushido Karate Association club based at Greenbank Church in Clarkston has so far raised more than £9000 for Cancer Research UK, with members having committed to doing 100 press-ups per day throughout April. The fund-raising effort was initially suggested by senior club member Austin Lafferty and, encouraged by the club’s leader, Sensei John Elliot, several others agreed to join him. A total of 16 members of the club are participating, while others join them during classes.

 The club was visited by East Renfrewshire Member of Parliament Kirsten Oswald on Saturday and, suitably impressed, she tabled an Early Day Motion to the House of Commons congratulating the club and its members for their efforts. Ms Oswald said: “Just brilliant to visit the Bushido Karate Club who are making amazing efforts to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. Their members are undertaking a very demanding challenge: doing 100 press-ups per day during the month of April. “It was great to visit and see some karate training, and some of these press-ups too! Especially lovely for me as a former member of the club, though I’m not confident I could manage the 100 press-ups …” Her Early Day Motion congratulated members of the Bushido 100 Club – those who are taking part – and applauded the dedication and hard work of Sensei John Elliot, chairman of the BKA, as well as coaches and members of the club.

 The club members participating in the challenge are Michelle Braid, Helen Buchanan, Rhu Buchanan, Hilary Carswell, Donald Cowey, Derek Frame, Iain Frame, Gerry Gray, Austin Lafferty, Chris McCabe, Joe McLaughlin, Calum Nicolson, Struan Nicolson, Andy Smith, Henry Smith, Joe Tracy. The club has been supporting and  following the team through April –  –  setting up challenges at class and also hearing their own stories for taking up the challenge –   

Joe McLaughlin – “ It’s easy to sit back & let others take up the challenge of raising awareness & funds. But what I have found is it’s even easier when you have the backing & support of people who are willing to donate to Cancer Research. There is not one of us who hasn’t felt the effect of cancer. My own family knows only too well what it can rob you of . I had no hesitation in taking up the press-up challenge but what has made me very proud is to be a part of a great bunch of people who have also taken up the challenge. And these people are all part of the Greenbank Bushido karate Club”

Helen Buchanan –“ I lost my own mum to cancer when I was 20 years old, the same age as my daughter(Rhu) now, so it’s always on my mind. I remember my mum used to say that she wasn’t scared for herself but worried for the family she would leave behind and that’s always stuck with me. I think we are all a little guilty of taking life for granted sometimes and it’s important to take stock once in a while and reflect on how lucky we are. Bushido has been a huge influence on me and my kids’ lives for so long and so myself and Rhu didn’t hesitate to join this amazing cause to raise funds and awareness of this terrible disease. It gives us a great sense of pride that we are doing it alongside our good friends at Bushido.”

Dr Chris McCabe –“ As others have said, most of us have been affected by cancer in some way and seen the impact it can have. Over the last few decades, treatment options and management of cancer has been revolutionised resulting in improved outcomes however, there is still much more progress required. As a scientist, I know all too well the impact that research funding can have to support early stage exploratory research through to clinical studies. The work that Cancer research carries out is critical for advancing much needed treatment options for patients with cancer. When I saw all my fellow karate-ka signing up to this cause, I knew I had to join them. Being part of the Bushido 100 team not only fosters motivation but also helps knowing it’s raising funds for such a vital cause.”


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